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New Academic Ventures - Berkeley (NAV-B), a unit within the Provost office, is responsible for revenue generation programs for UC Berkeley. Reaching out across campus, NAV-B develops and leads strategic initiatives that tap into the vast academic and research resources of the University of California, Berkeley.

The role of NAV-B is to help make all departments, schools and colleges on campus financially sustainable through capitalizing on their research, expertise and intellectual capital.

Using a consultative approach, NAV-B builds and assesses business opportunities for campus, including by way of example, self -supporting degree programs, international partnerships, novel and custom academic programs, start-up and entrepreneurial support and capital improvements and redevelopment opportunities.

What We Do

  • Interested in a capital improvement or redevelopment project?
  • Curious about an international partnership?
  • Looking to partner with an outside company to build a custom academic program?

These are just a few examples of programs we work on at NAV-B!

It is important to engage with NAV-B early as the process is quite complex as illustrated - but we are here to walk you through.

Nav-B Projects

Here are a few examples of projects NAV-B developed in conjunction with various departments and schools on campus. 

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College of Engineering

NAV-B created a custom academic program in conjunction with the College of Engineering to upskill the engineering staff for one of the largest utilities in the Middle East.

University Health Services

NAV-B worked with University Health Services to expand its marketing campaign and increase its revenue for its Global Institute for Counseling and Student Mental Health Summer Program.

College of Environmental Design

NAV-B helped the College of Environmental Design create an international partnership and custom academic program with a leading government real estate agency.

College of Natural Resources

NAV-B consulted with the College of Natural Resources to evaluate and prepare a detailed business plan to make their micro garden a revenue-generating operation for the college.

Nav-B general project information

NAV-B assists in the market research and financial modeling for any new Self Supporting Graduate Degree Programs for UC Berkeley.  

Meet Our Team