Frequently Asked Questions

New Academic Ventures, Berkeley operates across many campus spaces and intersects with several units, policies and processes.  It is our goal to assist campus partners in their next project, and as such, we wanted to provide some of the more common questions that we receive.  Alongside the FAQs are other helpful links to sites, policies and resources.

General FAQs

When does a Berkeley campus unit have to work with NAV-B?

There are three instances where NAV-B has a defined and required role within the policy and process for new program proposals; 1) the self-supporting graduate professional degree program (SSGPDP); 2) the Continuing Education/Specialized Professional (CESP) certificate program,...

My department/college would like to use faculty to develop new online courses and content. What are the policies for faculty compensation for this type of development outside of their regular instructional load?

There are two relevant policies that provide guidance on faculty compensation for online content development. APM-025 (link here) pertains to conflict of commitment for outside activities for faculty members, and APM-664 (link here) details policy for additional compensation for services as a faculty consultant.

My department/college would like to launch a self-supporting graduate professional degree program (SSGPDP) . How do I get started in the process, and what role does Nav-B play?

Nav-B will help you through the first stages of developing a proposal for a self-supporting professional graduate program (SSGPDP). The first steps are to consult the UC Berkeley Financial Planning and Analysis website as well as the Graduate Division website for new graduate degree proposals, which detail the processes and policies for...

My department/college would like to engage with a 3rd party vendor to develop new academic programs. How do we start this process and how is Nav-B involved?

A recent policy has been created that provides guidance for the engagement with third party vendors, and can be found here. This policy outlines the stakeholders in the process, their roles and responsibilities, and why this policy was made. For any uqestions pertaining to this policy, ir how Nav-B can help in thei sprocess, please fill out our contact form to request services...